Global Supplier Management

With over 1000 auditors located in over 100 countries across the globe, Intertek offers customized auditing solutions everywhere you do business.

We protect your brand reputation and integrity by mitigating your reputational risks in social compliance, quality, security, health, safety and environment through assessments of your supply chain facilities, processes and people.

As the leading compliance auditing organization for consumer goods, Intertek' s expert team of auditors are fully versed in the unique challenges your industry faces. Intertek supplier management services for consumer goods include:

Global Supplier Management a supply chain management solution designed to provide the traceability and transparency necessary for informed global businesses.  It enhances visibility into your supply chain, which helps to manage risk and provide more insight into your suppliers.  

Intertek Programs are designed to measure supplier performance in social compliance, quality, mills quality evaluation, environment, supply chain security. The Intertek Audit Programs are fully supported by our in-house proprietary technology in the performance and management of audit services that enables collection of data, analysis and reporting in the form of business intelligence.