We hold extensive global accreditations and recognitions to certify products or systems across multiple industries for virtually any market in the world.

Whether it is confirming to your customers that you meet their quality, safety, and security requirements, or social, environmental, and ethical standards, or simply seeking to increase your market share by showing you have implemented good practice and performance criteria, Intertek Hong Kong provides the product, process, and system certifications that help you gain a competitive advantage in the diverse markets in which you source, manufacture, or sell.

We certify to international and local standards for a wide range of industries. We also offer unique certification programs to achieve a more eco-friendly environment and assure products and facilities are in compliance with restricted or toxic-substances regulations. With extensive experience in providing certification services in the supply chain, we offer a one-stop solution to help global and local companies obtain the certifications they need for their business success. 


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+852 3008 2099