Intertek Hong Kong is the go-to solutions provider for your supply-chain chemical-management needs—all the way from sourcing to after-sales service.

Whether you are a buyer or manufacturer, there are numerous regulations governing chemicals in different markets that you need to comply with. Our comprehensive chemical-management solution ensures banned and high-risk chemicals are not being used in your processes and products, and that you comply with all safety regulations, including REACH and CPSIA, as well as those within your own RSL testing program. We can also help you gain greater awareness of the allied chemical risks to ensure compliance with local and international standards.

Intertek Hong Kong provides a total solution for the management of chemicals along your supply chain. The Intertek super Chemical Center is one of the largest chemical laboratories in Hong Kong, equipped with state-of-the-art instrumentation and run by more than 250 professional chemists.

We have extensive knowledge and experience in chemical testing and consultative programs, such as routine chemical testing, establishment of restricted-substance specifications, chemical-risk assessment, due-diligence testing programs, and tailor-made chemical-management services.

The super Chemical Center is also accredited by worldwide accreditation bodies, including HOKLAS (HK), UKAS (UK), CNAS (China), Inmetro (Brazil), Gulf and Japan (ST part 3 and Japan Food Sanitation Law), to conduct over 200 types of chemical test.

chemical management

We offer comprehensive supply-chain chemical-management services along every stage of the chain.

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Vetting and qualifying your suppliers of raw materials or products to ensure that they comply with all relevant standards and regulations.


Product Development

Chemical verification at different stages to ensure good quality products.



Adding visibility and traceability to your supply chain even after your products are sold.


PFAS Chemical Testing

Brands and retailers are becoming more concerned about the use of PFAS in their products as chemicals falling under the PFAS group may be harmful to humans.