Corporate Responsibility

As a leading global corporate citizen, Intertek is committed to operating in a socially responsible manner.

Intertek Hong Kong has always placed great emphasis on giving back to society and actively participating in various environmental-protection activities, while at the same time striving to build a harmonious working environment for its employees.

For consecutive years since 2011, Intertek Hong Kong has been awarded the Caring Company Logo by the Hong Kong Council of Social Services in recognition of our outstanding performance in corporate social responsibility and work in building a strong caring community.

We will continue to justify this recognition with a positive spirit in contributing to society, while cultivating the best possible environment in which our staff can work and grow.

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Corporate Governance

As a publicly listed company, Intertek's Board of Directors follows corporate-governance standards that promote integrity, transparency, and accountability in safeguarding and enhancing the Group's value to stakeholders and the long-term success of the company.


We guide many of the world's largest multinational corporations and best-known brands to improve the social, ethical and environmental consequences of their products, services and supply chains. We have adopted a framework approach to our own corporate responsibility. We believe that, within this framework, local managers are best placed to understand and react to their local business environments. The Corporate Social Responsibility Report contained in our Annual Report shows how these policies are being implemented around the Group.


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