Chemicals Sourcing

At the sourcing stage, you need to vet and qualify your suppliers of raw materials or products to ensure that they comply with all relevant standards and regulations.

Supplier Audit, Benchmarking, and Certification 

Intertek offers a comprehensive onsite and desktop audit-based approach to verify that appropriate chemical-management systems are in place in all facilities along the supply chain. Audits cover the entire processing journey of chemicals within a facility, from initial inventory to final disposal. These services help you identify hazardous-chemical risks in order to mitigate and establish chemical-management best practices. We also help benchmark and certify suppliers in the supply chain according to customer or industrial standards. 

Raw Materials Testing/ Chemical Safety Assessment Review/ Toxicity Screening 

We help companies to manage potential hazards, whether toxic, irritant, sensitizing, prohibited or restricted substances, and to screen raw materials to speed up the production cycle. We also help companies establish and maintain their Restricted Substances List (RSL), including: 


  • Negative  List  to include all banned substances (chemicals)
  • Positive List to include all approved substances (raw materials)


Intertek has built a database of nearly 2,500 chemicals certified from 350 different companies. Some of these hazardous chemicals include:


  • Phthalates
  • Brominated and Chlorinated Flame Retardants
  • Azo Dyes
  • Organotin Compounds
  • Chlorobenzenes
  • Chlorinated Solvents
  • Chlorophenols
  • SCCPs
  • Heavy Metals
  • APs/APEOs
  • PFCs


Need help or have a question? +852 3008 2099

Need help or have a question?

+852 3008 2099
+852 3008 2099