Safeguarding the quality and safety of your products and services is the key driver of our business.

With a heritage of over 130 years of testing experience, we provide independent, responsive, and cost-effective testing services that help reduce your time-to-market, mitigate risk, and enhance product value in the marketplace. Tests can be performed on an individual product, entire product lines, prototype creations, and services, either in our laboratories, in the field, or in our clients' own manufacturing facilities.

Intertek Hong Kong has one of the largest testing laboratories in the region. We analyze thousands of different customers’ products and services every day. Our global network of scientists, engineers, chemists, and technologists consists of highly qualified professionals with extensive industry experience. They use state-of-the-art instrumentation and expertise to provide a full range of quality, product safety, and materials and research analysis and testing services.

As international and local regulations evolve continuously, Intertek Hong Kong can help you achieve the requisite regulatory and legal compliance, identify where hazards are likely to occur, determine where corrective action should be taken, and continue monitoring your global supply chain for safety, quality and performance compliance. 


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+852 3008 2099