Think Green Initiative (TGI)

A Sustainable Approach to Greening the Value Chain

Consumers, governments and communities have become alarmed at how the manufacturing of consumer products has impacted the environment. As retailers and brands work to demonstrate good environmental governance across their supply chains, suppliers and facilities are now being required to continuously improve their environmental performance.

TGI Environmental Solutions

TGI enables leading suppliers and facilities to showcase environmental best practices while simultaneously improving the bottom line, by reducing costs, improving materials efficiency, practicing green manufacturing best practices, and ensuring their organizations meet the requirements of today's employees, communities, investors and customers.

TGI is the ideal tool for evaluating, reviewing and monitoring actual facility environmental procedures and ultimately assuring improved performance. It enables business to complete the trilogy: Think Green, Act Green and Be Green. TGI also allows suppliers to showcase their sustainability practices covering energy, water, air, noise, waste and practices associated with reduce, reuse and recycle.

The Think Green Initiative includes:



Two Basic Assessment Modules

  • Environmental Legal Compliance Overview
  • Environmental Management System (EMS)

Six Additional Individual Assessment Modules

  • Meeting environmental regulatory requirements
  • Reducing both environmental footprint and costs
  • Improving material efficiency through better resource management, including recycling, reuse of materials, and waste reduction
  • Acquiring sustainable business practices
  • Leveraging insights for green production and sustainable purchasing
  • Achieving good corporate governance and preferred supplier status
  • Demonstrating commitment and robust 'green' credentials to stakeholders (investors, employees, community and customers)
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