Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things (IOT) is believed to be the Second Digital Revolution or the next industrial revolution in which manufactured and engineered products have the “digital world” completely embedded throughout them.

According to a recent study by Morgan Stanley, there are now some 14 billion objects connected to the Internet. McKinsey & Co has predicted that 80% of global manufacturers will be using IoT technologies by 2025, leading to a potential global economic uplift of $2.3 trillion in manufacturing alone.


What is the Internet of Things (IoT)?

IoT is defined as adding the connection of things to the Internet, those “things” being existing products serving their main functionalities, or new products developed to serve the new IoT world. These products may come from different product categories but the underlying technology could be the same. At the same time, the growth of IoT will bring new regulations and standards nationwide/worldwide and with them the formation of new associations or technologies.


How can Intertek help my company in the transition to the IOT world?

As IoT is a very broad-based concept with cross-business line expertise, Intertek, the world’s leading quality and safety-solution provider, has an established IoT task force with field experts from multiple disciplines now offering a total-solution approach in helping customers transform their products. Smart solutions covering safety, performance, wireless and software for electrical and electronics, toys and hardlines, or textile and apparel companies, are now in place.

IoT will provide business potential for every company should it proliferate across different developed economies in the years to come. Speed of adoption depends on the consumer acceptance of the new technologies, and whether they are interoperable, safe and secured. Leveraging its expertise in supporting traditional manufacturing businesses with electrical and wireless leadership in the testing, inspection and certification industry, Intertek is your ideal partner for venturing into the IoT world and producing smarter products. 



Services by product 

Smart Home (Home appliances, Lights, Plug, Data hub)

Sensors and Detectors

Smart Meters

Smart Grid – Gateways and servers

Smart Toys

Smart Clothing

Services by test 

Performance Testing

Life, Security and Safety (LSS)

Traditional Safety Testing (FCC/ EMC R&TTE, ETL, etc.)

Energy Efficiency

Software Evaluation


Specific Adsorption Rate (SAR)

Radio Frequency (RF) 

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