Luggage and Leather Goods Testing

In response to increasing demands for high quality, toxic-free goods, Intertek is requested to carry out more and more quality control testing on a wide range of items.

The strength of straps and strap fastenings is an important consideration in the quality assessment of luggage and leather goods. Intertek is able to carry out all strength tests, using state-of-the-art equipment, to assess the risk of strap failures weather at buckle or where the strap is attached to the body of the item. In addition a full range of restricted substances test and colour fastness test, we ensure your products are fully evaluated before put on the markets.

We offer:

  • Heavy Metal Analysis
  • Chromium VI Test
  • Azo Dyes Test
  • Formaldehyde Free
  • Cadmium Content
  • Phthalates Free
  • Organotin Content
  • Dimethyl Furmarate (DMFU)
  • Handle Strength
  • Abrasion Resistance
  • Seam Strength
  • Colourfastness
Need help or have a question? +852 3008 2099

Need help or have a question?

+852 3008 2099
+852 3008 2099