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Intertek HK as one of the first quality assurance companies in Asia to attain full accreditation for Gulf markets, offers services from safety assessment and full scope testing, to technical file preparation, all the way to certification.

News from GSO

9 Nov 2020
GSO Conformity Tracking System Guide

21 May 2019 
Rules for the Use of the GSO conformity tracking Symbol (GCTS) Rev. 2.0

6 December 2016

Date of implementation of GSO Conformity Tracking Symbol (GCTS)

15 November 2016
Implementation of GSO Conformity Tracking Symbol (GCTS)

The GCC Technical Regulation (BD-131704-01)on children toys has entered into force on January 1, 2014. Under this regulation, toy manufacturers must ensure that all toys placed on markets of all GCC member countries shall be affixed with the G-mark (GCTS) which signifies conformity to the essential safety requirements, relevant Gulf Standards, safety assessments, and conformity assessments procedures. Every consignment of toys from unlinked importers shall be certified by a Notified Body and apply the G-mark (GCTS) before entering the Gulf markets.

The GCC Member Countries are:

  • United Arab Emirates (UAE) 
  • Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 
  • State of Kuwait 
  • Kingdom of Bahrain
  • Sultanate of Oman 
  • State of Qatar 

    Intertek HK has been accredited as a Product Certification Body (Notified Body) for the GCC Product Certification. Intertek Testing Services Hong Kong Limited is a subsidiary of Intertek Testing Services Holdings Limited and obtains financial support from the Holding Company. From testing to labeling, we help our business partners to get all the procedures fulfilled with our One-Stop Solution. 

    Obligations of Manufacturers/Unlinked Importers:

    • Carry out Conformity Assessment Procedure
    • Ensure/certify compliance of toy
    • Draw up technical file
    • Fulfill Conformity Assessment Programme
    • Affix G-mark (GCTS) to signify compliance of toy
    • Ensure all warnings labeled in Arabic




    • Conduct safety assessment
    • Preparation of test plan
    • Sampling by consignment
    • Product testing
    • GC type examination
    • Product certification
    • Consolidation and reviewing of technical file
    • Reviewing of Declaration of conformity
    • Issuing of Certificate of Conformity for customs clearance
    • Registration of G-mark (GCTS)
    • English to Arabic translation services


    Intertek One-Stop-Solution

    To learn more about our GCC Products Certification, a detailed certification scheme is available for download here. You can also check out our press release for more details.

    To find out the status of your product certification, please visit the Directory of GCC Certified Products.

    For more information or enquiries, please contact our representatives, services fees and price will be available per public request.


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    Need help or have a question?

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