Intertek CarbonZero Certification

Intertek CarbonZero™ delivers independent and traceable carbon neutral certification of products and services.

Companies in every industry around the world are setting ambitious yet achievable targets on the path to carbon neutrality. Whether the journey is just beginning or has been established and in practice for some time, companies need a trusted partner to help achieve and accelerate those critical goals.

Intertek’s CarbonZero certification enables companies worldwide to confidently market qualifying carbon neutral products and services as Intertek CarbonZero Verified, demonstrating tangible and auditable progress on the path to net zero carbon emissions.    Certification incentivises industry leadership in delivering the lowest carbon production, manufacturing assembly and delivery in the world while benefitting investors, producers, manufacturers, joint-venture partners, traders, regulators and other stakeholders throughout the supply chain.

Independent Carbon-Neutral CertificationSustainability - Carbonzero_mark

Intertek CarbonZero delivers independent and traceable carbon neutral certification of products and services 

The new Intertek CarbonZero program complements the previously launched Intertek CarbonClear program, an independent carbon emissions intensity certification verifying actual emissions incurred per unit produced and standardized by industry.  Intertek CarbonZero certifies the achievement of carbon neutrality by combining emissions intensity certifications, such as CarbonClear, together with certification of traceable high-quality carbon capture or reduction investments.  


Products and services earning the Intertek CarbonZero Verified certification are evaluated for independently certified operations emissions intensities, high-quality carbon reduction investments, and must meet key standards for traceability worldwide. With Intertek CarbonZero, stakeholders can invest securely knowing their Intertek CarbonZero Verified products have been independently certified to the highest standards worldwide, and the program can be applied at any phase of production, manufacturing, assembly or delivery, regardless of industry or supply chain configuration.


Powered by our global network of technical experts, the Intertek CarbonZero program:

  • Delivers verification of high-quality carbon reduction investments, traceability, certified operations emission intensity, and confirmation of carbon neutrality for designated products and services
  • Enables the next step in any company’s journey towards carbon neutrality 
  • Instills confidence and peace of mind for stakeholders investing in carbon reduction of products and services
  • Accelerates investment and performance in carbon reduction strategies across all industries, creating step-change impact in sustainability for future generations

Sustainability-conscious companies are investing in technologies, processes, and applications to drive structural and market-leading reductions in carbon emissions across their value chain. Continuing the drive towards innovative solutions following the launch of Intertek CarbonClear in 2020, Intertek CarbonZero allows companies to demonstrate their end-to-end commitment to carbon neutrality. 


As the leading provider of Total Sustainability Assurance solutions, Intertek is uniquely positioned, through Intertek CarbonZero, to help companies Build Back Ever Better and achieve the next level of commitment, performance, and transparency in their sustainability practices.


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Need help or have a question?

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