Water Repellency Test

Does your jacket seem to have lost some of its waterproofing function? The water repellency property helps preserve the garment’s waterproof quality by providing a surface coating that prevents the outer layer of fabric becoming saturated with water.
How can you add value to your products by providing evidence of good water repellent features?
  • Enhance the water-resistance feature with a surface coating
  • Prolong the durability of the garment
  • Save clothes drying time by preventing them getting even wetter
  • Keep clothes clean and dry to prevent dispersing body heat during exercise
How does the Water Repellency function work? 
Water repellency means the resistance of outdoor apparel to surface wetting. It can be achieved by ciré (compactly, wax or silicon coating) and coating with hydrophobic chemicals (fluoropolymer based).
Intertek Hong Kong supports the water repellency test through numerous testing methods:
  • AATCC 22

  • BS EN ISO 24920

  • JIS L1092

  • AS 2001-2-16-1987

  • ISO 4920

  • CAN/CGSB-4.2 NO./N° 26.2-94

  • GB/T 4745

  • BS 3424: Part 26, Method 29D

  • CNS 10461 L3202

  • FZ/T 81010

  • KS K 0590

  • GOST 3816 -81 Annex 3

In general, the waterproofing, water resistance and water repellency tests are usually done together with breathability. Many waterproof, water resistant and water-repellent products have a film or membrane as its watertight feature, which may affect the breathability. Therefore, these tests are usually bundled together for a comprehensive high-quality product.

Frequently Asked Question

What is the difference between waterproof, water resistance and water repellency of textiles and footwear?

  • Water-repellent feature means the product is not easily penetrated by water, which is usually treated with a surface coating making it hydrophobic.
  • Water-resistant feature is the ability to resist the penetration of water to some extent but it is not entirely waterproof. It is the capability of product to withstand the average hand-washing or light rain shower.
  • Waterproof feature means the product is capable to be impervious to water even under heavy rain so that no water gets inside.


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