Soil Release Test

What is your reaction if somebody spills sauce onto your new shirt or dress when you’re having a nice meal? Have you ever been annoyed if the stain cannot be cleaned off?  Stain release properties are therefore important in protecting you from these bad experiences.
Stain release, often called soil release, is a key function reflecting the ability of fabrics to release oily stains during home laundering, and is an easy-care performance feature for garments.
How can you add value to your products by providing evidence of good stain release features?
  • Demonstrate the durability of apparel for its easy-clean function
  • Prove easy-care performance by simplifying the removal of stains in the laundry
  • Save time and reduce chemicals required to clean off dirt
  • Be sustainable by prevent multiple washes to remove the stain
Intertek Hong Kong supports soil release testing by numerous testing methods:
  • AATCC 130

  • CNS 11309 L3218

  • FZ/T 01118

  • FZ/T 24012 Annex A

  • GB/T 30159.1 (only liquid stain)

  • KS K 0610

  • Soil release under UVA exposure (self-cleaning fabric)

Need help or have a question? +852 3008 2099

Need help or have a question?

+852 3008 2099
+852 3008 2099