Prickle Factor Test for Yarn, Fabrics and Garments

New wool-comfort testing technologies can help analyze the prickle/itch factors of the fabrics, we can improve the comfortability of next-to-skin woolen garments.

Knitted yarn and wool fabrics provide warmth and softness no matter if you are dry or wet. However, they also have a reputation for prickle. An increasing number of knitwear manufacturers and retailers have relied on advanced high performance tests that can measure the prickle factor in wool, making it the ideal fiber to be worn next-to-skin. The Wool-comfort Meter, the latest objective testing method for prickle comfort, is now available to ensure all wool, and wool yarn products will be comfortable, free of prickle.  

Intertek Hong Kong currently provides the most advanced Prickle Factor Test for yarn, fabrics and garments. The Prickle Factor Test measures the prickle index and grading of the samples. A higher index and lower grading represent a stronger prickle factor, which may impact the level of comfort when wearing such items. It's the first technology to measure different types of yarn, fabrics and garments by the number of stiff microscopic fibers sticking out from the material that might lead to an unpleasant wearing experience.  


Scope of Application and Advantages

  • Applicable to wool yarn, knitted or woven wool fabrics and garments
  • Enables both single and double-ply yarn testing 
  • Provides an early determination of the suitability of yarn or fabrics for next-to-skin application 
  • Assures comfort directly using this objective measurement instead of an indirect subjective assessment 
  • Achieves prickle comfort to meet all retailer and consumer requirements by specifying desired values and limits from tests 


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Need help or have a question?

+852 3008 2099
+852 3008 2099