Instant Cooling Test

The number one desire in summer, undoubtedly, is to keep oneself fresh and cool. Cool-touch products have become a trend in the fashion world. If a clothing can keep your body at optimum temperature under hot weather as your second skin, it probably is made of high-performance fabric with cool-touch or instant-cooling features. s your second skin.

Instant cooling is the ability of a fabric to regulate the body temperature of the wearer at a lower level to bring relief under intense heat. It is determined by measuring the maximum heat loss in a short period of time to simulate the cooling effect of fabric as soon as it touches the skin. The surface characteristic of a material is important to sensations on how warm or cool a fabric feels to an individual.

Cool-touch clothing can cool down the wearer by vaporizing moisture and removing body heat. It can facilitate the evaporation of moisture more slowly, thus retaining body heat on light fabrics. It keeps the body at the optimum cool temperature and gives comfort feeling to the wearer.

The instant cooling feature can be determined by assessing the surface warm / cool sensations of a garment fabric and indicating the instantaneous thermal feeling sensed when there is initial contact of the material with the skin surface.

The specimen is placed on a cool plate with environment temperature. Then, a hot plate is placed on the specimen testing side and the temperature of hot plate is similar to the body skin temperature. The heat flow taken away from the hot plate by the specimen will be measured. The maximum heat flow in W/cm2 will be reported. The higher the Qmax, the cooler feeling fabric.

The applicable standards include:


  • FTTS FA 019

  • GB/T 35263

  • CNS 15687 L3272


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Need help or have a question?

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