High Visibility Textile Tests

Total solution for Chromaticity of Neon Colors, Hunter Orange and Retro-reflective Materials

High-visibility Textiles are fabrics with a color that is easily discernible in any environment or has highly reflective properties. High-visibility clothing can serve as a distinctive sign to indicate the presence of the wearer, and are widely used for the purposes of public safety, emergency services, personal safety applications, and other professional uses.  Intertek provides a total solution for various visibility-related tests to assure your product quality and safety.  


Chromaticity of High Daytime Visibility Color Test (Cat 21)


High-visibility colors refer to fluorescent colors or neon colors that can be easily detected, even in low-light conditions. By measuring the chromaticity coordinates, brightness and color difference, the test verifies whether the claimed color complies with the fluorescent color requirements.

Test Scope:

  • Color comparison of textile (CIE2o Standard observer, CIE Illuminant D65, Instrument configuration 45o/0o or 0o/45o)
  • Chromaticity of neon colors and luminance factors
  • Testing standards: ANSI/ISEA 107, ANSI/ISEA 207, AS/NZS 1906, CSA Z96-15, ISO 20471, GB/T 20653, BS EN 1150, GO/RT 3279


  • Result of chromaticity coordinates (x,y value) of each color
  • Pass/Fail of chromaticity coordinates and colors (for Fluorescent colors)
  • Luminance Factor (Brightness value) of each color


Hunter Orange Test - IHEA Method (Cat 24)


Hunter Orange or Blaze Orange, are safety colors used in hunting clothing designed so that wearers avoid accidentally shooting each other. The International Hunter Education Association (IHEA) sets the licensing requirements for such clothing in the US. The test evaluates the color in accordance with the procedures defined in ASTM E1164 with polychromatic illumination D65 and 45/0 (or 0/45) geometry and the 2-degree standard observer.

Test Scope:

All textile products such as hats, vests and garments using Hunter Orange color


  • Y Brightness/Luminosity (Min. 40%) 
  • Excitation Purity indicative of the saturation (Min. 85%) 
  • Dominant Wavelength (between 595 mm and 605 mm) 


Retro-reflective Material Test (for non-PPE) (Cat 25)


The test is for retro-reflective clothing designed for the high visibility of the wearer. The test procedure and requirements are based on high-visibility clothing and accessories. It measures the coefficient of retro-reflection of retro-reflective materials that do not qualify for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) certification.

Test Scope:

  • Retro-reflective fabric, tape, coating, yarn, weaving or embroidery 
  • Garments with retroreflective materials 
  • Other retro-reflective removable or mounted accessories attached to a garment   


  • Coefficient of retro-reflection in cd/(lx*m2)  
  • Pass/Fail of coefficient of retro-reflection  
  • Orientation-sensitive retro-reflective material check 


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Need help or have a question?

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