Fabric Anti-Radiation Test

Did you know that blue light exposure from smartphones could increase the risk of cancer? What would you do if your personal information were stolen by radiation technology through the air for illegal transactions?

This is why anti-radiation clothing is in demand in recent years to protect our health and privacy.

Blue light emitted from our everyday devices, like cell phones, computer screens, and even street lamps, disrupts our circadian rhythms and confuses the body’s perception of when it’s time to sleep. What’s more, it may even increase the cancer risk.

To protect us against radiation, electromagnetic shielding textiles, especially for maternity clothing, underwear and protective garments for medical staff, can limit the penetration of electromagnetic fields into a space, by blocking them with a barrier made of conductive material.

Intertek can determine the anti-radiation level of products by detecting an electromagnetic frequency of up to 2.4GHz, which covers the radiation range of cell phones and televisions, and for which the common test method is Flange Coaxial Method – ASTM D4935 and FTTS-FA-003.

In addition to the adverse health effects, hackers can now simply use an RFID reader/scanner to steal data and clone it for illegal purposes. RFID is a short-distance electromagnetic method for transmitting small bits of data. It was used primarily for inventory tracking, including authentication, passports, identification cards and credit cards. Thus radiation technology contributes to our convenience, but also leads to potential risks to our health, privacy and even property damage.

Intertek Hong Kong also supports measuring the effectiveness of the RFID blocking, which applies to the wallet, pockets or other products, by detecting RFID frequencies of up to 13.8MHz (reference ISO 14443).


  • Minimizes the risks of radiation exposure
  • Protects human health and privacy in a light and convenient way
  • Provides an ideal option for office computer staff, pregnant women, production staff, broadcasting and radio communication workers and medical staff
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Need help or have a question?

+852 3008 2099
+852 3008 2099