Soft Home Furnishings Testing

In order to fulfill ever-changing governmental regulations and the ever-increasing consumer demand for higher quality, softlines testing help to protect and minimize risk the interest of both manufacturers and consumers.

Intertek offers the following testing solutions for textiles such as bedding, curtain and fabrication used in home furnishings:

Fiber Identification - Most countries importing apparel and soft home furnishing products require fiber identification labels that indicate the fiber type and percentage of fiber composition. Intertek maintains staff of experienced technicians who can accurately identify fibers and fiber blend.

Feather and Down Testing - In many countries Intertek offers special feather and down testing for soft home furnishings to assess quantitative analysis, filling power, thermal properties, migration and penetration resistance.

Flammability Testing - It is important to note that soft home furnishings have flammability regulations such as BS 5852 Flammability for UK furniture and furnishings and California Technical Bulletin 116 for US market.

Care Label Instructions - For countries that have mandatory or voluntary standards for care label instructions that apply to soft home furnishing products, Intertek conducts testing to determine the most appropriate consumer care conditions for the tested products.

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Need help or have a question?

+852 3008 2099
+852 3008 2099