GB 18401 Textiles Testing

Intertek gives you confidence in the testing of your textile products according to the National Safety Regulation GB 18401

With the China market continuing to open up, more international retailers and brands speed up their expansion in China. At the same time, domestic retailers and brands emerge nearly all industries including textiles and apparel, footwear and children's articles etc. As the Chinese standardization and quality management system are comparatively complicated, enterprises in urgent need for authoritative, high quality and effective quality and standard services.

The GB 18401 safety technical code specifies the basic safety practical requirement, test methods, test rule as well as execution and supervision to textile products. The other requirements on textile products are according to the relevant standards such as China National Textile Industry Conuncil FZ standard code. It applies to the textile products that are produced, sold, and used in China, e.g. Apparel and Decorative Textiles.

The textile products are classified into three categories:

Category A: Products for babies (eg. nightgowns, bedding, bib, etc.)

Category B: Products with direct contact to skin (eg. bra, shirt, socks, etc.)

Category C: Products without direct contact to skin (eg. curtain, filling material, etc.)

Download GB 18401 (English) Leaflet

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Need help or have a question?

+852 3008 2099
+852 3008 2099