Risk Assessment & Management

Intertek believes product risk and human behavior are predictable and assists you to make decisions with analysis and supporting documents by doing a comprehensive risk assessment.

Through identifying and assessing potential hazards during concept and design stage, Intertek RAM helps you establish practices to prevent a recall and thus secure brand image and profile.

Our team is comprised of highly skilled safety engineers, scientists and research specialists.

Intertek RAM, as your partner in facing challenges with below solutions:

  • Injury/Fatality/Recall Data
    Intertek used Injury and Fatality Data to better understand injury trend. From data records, Intertek analyzes customer complaints, product recalls and  injuries & fatalities history in order to prevent repeating the faults of past.
  • Human Factors
    Human Factors studies the physical interaction of a consumer and a product. When the interaction is understood, the hazard types and severity levels associated with a product can be determined.
  • Foreseeable Use
    Foreseeable Use predicts the ways the consumer might use the product. Our specialists conduct assessments and observations to determine how consumers in different age groups will use your product in foreseeable ways.   

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