Intertek Hong Kong Receives Top Contributors Cybersecurity Award 2022-23

Planning Tomorrow's Cybersecurity Challenges

October 23, 2023

Intertek Hong Kong has been recognised with the distinguished 'Top Contributors Award 2023' for the significant contributions in the field of cybersecurity, for the third year running.

The award was presented by Cybersec Infohub, a platform jointly managed by the Government's Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO) and the Hong Kong Internet Registration Corporation Limited (HKIRC). The Cybersec Infohub is designed to promote closer collaboration among information security stakeholders across various industries in Hong Kong, encouraging them to share cybersecurity information to jointly defend against cyber-attacks.

The award ceremony took place during the "Cybersec Infohub Annual Professional Workshop: Planning Tomorrow's Cybersecurity Challenges", hosted at the Central Executive Centre. Melvin Nip, Electrical Manager, Intertek Hong Kong, attended the event and accepted the award on behalf of Intertek.

This accolade represents a significant milestone in Intertek's ongoing commitment to cybersecurity, and its relentless dedication to fostering a secure digital environment for all. Not only does this award acknowledge Intertek's contributions, but it also solidifies its standing as a leader in providing quality and safety solutions across a myriad of industries. It is a testament to Intertek's commitment to excellence, and its unwavering dedication to making the world a safer place, both within physical and digital domains.

Melvin Nip said: "Once again, we are delighted to receive the Cybersecurity award this year. We remain committed to leading in this crucial field, ensuring secure and dependable digital environments for our clients and the broader community."

Grace Li, Vice President, Intertek Greater China Human Resources and Hong Kong Management said: “We take immense pride in receiving this recognition once more for our efforts in cybersecurity. The landscape of cyber risk is becoming increasingly unpredictable and challenging to manage. Nevertheless, Intertek remains steadfast in its commitment to vigilantly monitor and address cybersecurity threats."

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