Intertek Hong Kong Joins Panel at 'Sustainable Business Award (SBA) Judging Day'

Championing Sustainable Development and Business Innovation

September 19, 2023

On 1 September, Jason Ho, Electrical Vice President, Intertek Hong Kong, played a significant role as an esteemed judge at the annual "Sustainable Business Award (SBA) Judging Day", hosted by the World Green Organisation (WGO).


From 2016 onwards, all the listed companies in Hong Kong are required to comply with the new ESG reporting guidelines to enhance business transparency around social responsibility. This acts as an important incentive to urge those enterprises to develop a better sustainable development strategy.


Founded in response to the new ESG reporting guidelines set in 2016, the Sustainable Business Award aims to raise local businesses’ awareness of the importance of their contribution to Environmental, Social, Governance. It serves to recognise corporations that have made notable efforts and contributions in four assessment categories: Workplace Quality, Environmental Protection, Operation Practice and Community Involvement.


During the Judging Day, Jason interacted with various business leaders, sustainability advocates, and innovators. As one of the judges, Jason Ho evaluated businesses based on these four pillars. His expertise in sustainable technologies and experience in the electrical and electronic industry made him a valuable asset to the judging panel.


Jason commented: "I feel privileged to have been a part of this judging panel. The level of innovation and commitment towards sustainability that we witnessed today is truly inspiring. It's heartening to see that businesses in Hong Kong are not just talking about sustainability but are also implementing measures to achieve it. I would like to congratulate all the participants for their outstanding efforts in driving sustainable development."


Grace Li, Vice President, Human Resources, Greater China and Hong Kong Regional Management said: “As we move towards a greener future, Intertek Greater China continues to support businesses in their sustainability journey. Through our services, we are committed to helping businesses demonstrate their environmental responsibility. We believe that together, we can create a sustainable and prosperous future for generations.”


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