Intertek Hong Kong Speaks at ESG Summit Hong Kong 2023

Discussing Corporate Disclosures, EU Regulations, the Green Deal and Sustainability Standards

August 14, 2023

Intertek Hong Kong proudly participated in the ESG Summit Hong Kong 2023, sharing our wide range of sustainability solutions. Organised by Trueventus, the summit aimed to foster insightful discussions on the impact of regulatory measures on standardisation efforts, with a focus on ESG (Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance) development in businesses, learning from case studies presented by reputable speakers and exploring the latest technology for improving data quality insight.

ESG standards and green deals have become crucial to stakeholders, including investors and consumers in the current business climate. Companies of all sizes can take advantage of these elements as opportunities to revise their business strategies and uncover new avenues for growth.

David Ho, Senior Director, Intertek Greater China, was invited to speak at the summit and offered invaluable insights into credible corporate disclosures, the latest EU regulations, green deals, and sustainability reporting standards. David emphasised the importance of embedding ESG factors into corporate strategies, and the potential benefits for companies across various aspects of their operations. He highlighted how such strategies can help companies exploit opportunities, drive growth and transformation, and enhance their market competitiveness.

Grace Li, Human Resources Vice President, Greater China and Hong Kong Regional Management said: " Integrating ESG principles into your business strategy is not only essential for sustainable growth and adaptability, but also for driving innovation. By prioritising sustainable practices, fostering transparent communication, and promoting ethical actions, companies can mitigate risks while simultaneously unveiling new avenues for business expansion, innovation, and improved stakeholder relationships."

Intertek provides ESG Assurance services that offer companies complete confidence in their ESG reporting, benefitting not only manufacturers but also retailers and technology companies. Together, we can work towards achieving the global carbon emission reduction target and creating a more sustainable future for all.