Step to STEM, let’s learn together

January 20, 2023

Intertek Hong Kong was recently featured in ViuTV’s educational TV Show, “STEM Elite”, sharing STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) knowledge in our everyday life.

“STEM Elite” is a children’s programme produced by Hong Kong ViuTV. The show’s regular host is the renowned scholar Mr. TANG Man Hon Patrick, also known as “STEM Sir”. Along with hostesses and artists, the show aims to explore STEM knowledge in our daily life.

Intertek Hong Kong ‘s testing facilities were featured in six episodes in total.

One of the themes was toys. William Wong, Assistant General Manager, Laboratories, Toys & Hardlines, talked about testing for sound toys. High intensity noise is considered dangerous for children, as it poses a great risk of hearing damage or hearing loss. In order to obtain an accurate test result, it is important to perform the inspection for sound toys in an environment with sound insulation.

In another episode, William toured around our first-ever Pet Product Testing Centre and presented the importance of selecting safe and tested toys for pets.

We also shared with the public some tips about textiles and clothing. Pearl Tung, Assistant Laboratory Manager, Softlines shared the common types of fabric in our clothes and how they serve their seasonal purposes. She also explained the relevant tests and requirements, and the science behind clothing comfort.

Our Electrical Team explained the science and application of electrical devices and light. and Samson Leong, Senior Manager talked about LED lights and the integrating sphere – a device for optical measurement. Integrating spheres can be used to make simultaneous measurements of parameters such as wattage, luminous flux and correlated colour temperature, to assess the performance of LED lights. Just in time to shop for Christmas lights! And Ken Chan, our Deputy General Manager presented the theory and logics behind the testing of electrical home devices.

Says William Wong, Assistant General Manager, Laboratories: This exposure was so meaningful. We are so happy to have ViuTV as our partner. It’s not every day you can see yourselves on TV! 

 “Intertek values STEM education. We believe that learning STEM knowledge in our day-to-day in a fun way plays a critical role in STEM education for children. We hope that STEM application and principles explained in simple terms will spark kids’ curiosity and a lifetime interest in this crucial field.

Step to STEM, let’s learn together!

“STEM Elite” is now available at the ViuTV website