Intertek Hong Kong Unveils 50th Anniversary Calendars and Video Song

Celebrating our golden anniversary with understanding, respect and love

January 03, 2023

Happy 2023! And how do you celebrate your 50th birthday, in a way that leaves a lasting legacy? Intertek Hong Kong has added to its long list of “firsts” by working with SEN (Special Education Needs) young artists on writing and performing a pop song!

Intertek Hong Kong is excited to be releasing its 50th Anniversary Calendar, which was produced in collaboration with StarUp Wonders, a local social enterprise. The calendars feature art pieces from StarUp Wonders, all of which were inspired by the operations and facilities of Intertek.

The calendar also features a congratulatory video with an introduction from our Group CEO André Lacroix, the management team, our customers, and business partners, as well as a song “Intertek – Through Thick And Thin” which was the brainchild of the Marketing team, who wanted to create a memorable highlight for the company’s 50th birthday celebration.

The video song tells the story of a testing laboratory that started as “Labtest” 50 years ago, filled with devoted staff who turn out in all weathers, to serve Hong Kong’s consumers - as they have done every day and night, for fifty years. The video song is now available on this first day of 2023.

Established in 2019, StarUp Wonders provides a unique platform for the intellectually-disabled to develop a career in art. With the help from people from all walks of life in the community, the young artists, or ‘Stars’, can showcase their talents and shine like stars. The masterpieces were created by four autistic and amazingly talented artists from Starup Wonders: Janet, Melody, Owen and Torah.

Says Jade, Founder and President of Starup Wonders: “We are making an impact on not only the artists themselves, but also their families and friends. Through this valuable chance to demonstrate their craftmanship, we are also empowering other special youths because we are showing the world that we can make the impossible possible. This is our first time working with an international enterprise and we are so excited. Thank you, Intertek, for your tremendous support. This opportunity represents a key milestone for us as it means acknowledgment and recognition for the skills and talents of our star artists.”

Says André Lacroix, Group CEO, Intertek: “Happy New Year and Happy 50th Birthday to Intertek Hong Kong!

In 1973 Intertek Hong Kong was known as ‘Labtest’ and had just three people. Thanks to Raymond Kong, the business progressed from textile testing to become the first commercial consumer goods testing facility in Hong Kong and went on to expand internationally. As we enter 2023, and Hong Kong into another milestone, I take this opportunity to thank our customers for their continuing support, and our staff for their loyalty and commitment in this good to great journey.”

May the journey of success for Intertek Hong Kong continue in the years to come!

We wish everyone a very Happy, Peaceful and Prosperous 2023.