Intertek Hong Kong awarded for contribution to cyber security

Rethinking our cybersecurity strategy

November 10, 2022

On Oct 12, Intertek Hong Kong was honoured to receive the Top Contributor Awards (Organisation) while our Electrical Manager, Melvin Nip, received the Top Contributor Award (Representative) at the “Cybersec Infohub Annual Professional Workshop 2022: Rethink Your Cyber Security Strategy”.

Organised annually by the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO) and Hong Kong Internet Registration Corporation Limited (HKIRC), the workshop awarded organisations and industry leaders who made significant contributions. For the second year running, Intertek was recognised for its active contribution to cybersecurity, in the presence of the member organisations of the Cybersec Infohub and other industry leaders.

Intertek has been an active member and a leading force in the cybersecurity community. We understand that good cybersecurity practice is important as businesses face greater cyber threats with the emergence of new technologies. Now more than ever, they need to invest in their cybersecurity to strengthen their capacity to mitigate risk.

Intertek offers cybersecurity testing and certification programmes which comprise of testing for IoT security, connected consumer products and medical devices, continuous vulnerability monitoring, and many more. Our team of experts help manufacturers and brands increase their cybersecurity resilience by reviewing their cybersecurity strategy. We help our clients protect the privacy of their customer base and adapt to the changing cybersecurity threat landscape. Through our comprehensive programmes, our team of experts have contributed to the protection of our customers and the security ecosystem as a whole.

Says Jason Ho, Vice President, Electrical: “Intertek Hong Kong is very honoured to be recognised with the Top Contributor Awards. It is a pleasure to thank our team of experts who work constantly on developing innovative cybersecurity solutions. We will work hard to satisfy the needs of our customers and support our industry partners. Intertek is very proud of this recognition and we will continue to take a leading role in fighting cybersecurity threat.”

Says Melvin: “We are very proud to have been recognized again for our work in cybersecurity. Cyber risk is getting harder to predict and tougher to handle. But Intertek will continue to monitor and respond to cybersecurity risks. We are driven by our mission to safeguard everyone’s cybersecurity.”

Thank you for this recognition. Let’s rethink our cybersecurity strategy.