Intertek Hong Kong Signs MoU with Hong Kong Carbon Trading Centre

Joining forces to advance the development of carbon trading in Hong Kong

October 11, 2022

On Sep 30, Intertek entered a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Hong Kong Carbon Trading Centre Co., Ltd (HKCTC).

Founded in 2022, HKCTC’s mission is to advance the development of carbon trading in order for the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. Together with business professionals and representatives from environmental groups, HKCTC conducts carbon and energy audits, promoting carbon trading among enterprises across a wide array of sectors.

The objective of the MoU is to explore the business opportunities in the field of environment-related services in Hong Kong and supporting HKCTC in providing green certification services. The cooperation aims to leverage HKCTC’s comprehensive business network, and Intertek’s expertise in green certification and consultations. Following the signing of the MoU, HKCTC will liaise with industry stakeholders to promote carbon reduction and neutralization solutions, while Intertek will be a verifier for HKCTC’s Carbon Reduction and Neutralization Programme.

The MoU was signed by Mr. Felix Chung, Founder and CEO of HKCTC, and Intertek Hong Kong’s Electrical Vice President, Mr. Jason Ho.

Says Felix: “This MoU with Intertek opens doors of opportunities to work closely with the leading force in the manufacturing industry in Hong Kong. This new agreement will allow us to diversify our strategies catering to the needs to different industry sectors.

Felix added: “There is immense potential in carbon emission trading and green finance in Hong Kong. We believe that in order to develop Hong Kong into a regional carbon trading centre, we need experienced, knowledgeable and like-minded companies like our new partner, Intertek. Together, we can involve many industries such as garment manufacturing, electronics, and transportation, and support their carbon reduction goals.

Says Jason: “We are delighted to be working with HKCTC and supporting their vision. Carbon reduction and neutralization solutions are an area of expertise at Intertek. Over 50 years, our team of experts have assisted many clients in the region by offering them Carbon Audit, Energy Audit, Carbon Certification and other green certification services, as well as consultation services.

Jason added: “We look forward to the opportunities this collaborative relationship will bring and exploring the field of environment-related services in Hong Kong with HKCTC.