Intertek Hong Kong Guides Students Through Their Innopreneur Experience Journey

Cultivating Innovation & Technology talents into becoming our future pillars

October 10, 2022

 On Aug 16-19, Intertek Hong Kong was honored to be one of the participating companies in the first-ever “Innopreneur Experience Journey”, co-organised by the Federation of Hong Kong Industries (FHKI) and the Hong Kong Science & Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP). As one of the participating companies, Intertek was matched with 2 students, Crystal and Sunny, offering them hand-on job experience.

The programme involved over 30 students from local secondary schools, in hopes of deepening their understanding about the latest development and opportunities in the ATIC industry. The 2 students joined the Marketing Team and worked versatilely on a wide range of tasks.

We offered “executive shadowing” for an all-round job experience so that they can get a better understanding of our daily operations, including providing operational support, offering executive assistance and fulfilling ad-hoc clerical tasks. They showed active involvement in preparing for our upcoming webinars, managing materials and souvenirs, as well as experiencing what it is like to be an influencer on our company’s social media.

We also gave them a tour around the Hong Kong office, showing them our Softline’s High Performance Center, Hardline’s Pet Product Testing Centre and Kitchenware lab, Electrical’s LED Testing lab and Food’s Microbiology lab. They were pleasantly surprised by the scale of our operations.

As a bonus to the already extraordinary on-the-job experience for the students, they were also able to see the filming of a TV programme relating to testing and certification industry in action. They were so happy to witness the celebrities and crew work their magic.

At the Closing Graduation Session on Aug 19, Crystal and Sunny both expressed that they could see how the Hong Kong industry was evolving.

Says Crystal: “I used to think that Innovation & Technology (I&T) was all about lab work. But this programme has proved otherwise. It was challenging but so much fun!”

Says Sunny: “It is definitely an eye-opening experience to learn how the industry is applying theory into practical tests. I also appreciate the positive work atmosphere and working in a team - everyone is working towards a shared goal. I will keep on studying hard to pursue a career in the field.

Says Peter Leung, Director, Human Resources: “Intertek strives to cultivate I&T talents and foster our future pillars. We believe that the programme will demonstrate to the students that Hong Kong’s I&T is prosperous and limitless.

He added, “We would like to thank our partners, the Federation of Hong Kong Industries and the Hong Kong Science Park for being an amazing platform. We wish to extend our best wishes to all the aspiring young students. Hope this experience sparked their interests in I&T and prepare them for further studies and careers.

Glad to witness the students commencing their first journey, and many more to come!