Intertek Hong Kong Opens First Ever Complete Pet Product Testing Centre

Pioneering the pet product testing industry for our beloved animals

July 15, 2022

On July 8, Intertek Hong Kong celebrated the opening of its Pet Product Testing Centre with distinguished guests including academics, industry leaders, key customers and representatives from statutory bodies. The Centre is one of the most well-equipped testing facilities in the region and is run by a team of professionals, offering a wide range of state-of-the-art testing and assessment services dedicated to pet product manufacturers, retailers and brands.

Despite the explosive growth and keen competition of the pet product industry, there are currently no mandatory standards or regulations for pet products. Intertek acknowledges the essentiality of safety and quality assessments in response to the mushrooming trend. As a pioneer at the forefront of pet product testing, Intertek’s Pet Product Testing Centre offers innovative pet product testing solutions to the market.

The Centre is home to a comprehensive range of testing equipment, including Bite tear tester, Instron and bite jaw, Bite shaking tester, Claw tester, Instron and dog body dummy, Leash endurance tester, Gauges, Retro-reflective index tester, Sound level meter and sound room, EN 60825 tester, Martindale abrasion tester and Shear strength tester, catering to the needs of global brands to deliver safety and high-performance functionality.

Guests were taken on a tour around the Centre and shown a range of multidisciplinary pet product testing instrumentation at its Garment Centre premises. Guests were invited to look around the Softlines Laboratory which conducts performance testing on pet apparels, the Super Chemical Lab which conducts chemical tests on pet products of all kinds and the Food Microbiology Laboratory which tests pet food safety.

Among the list of distinguished guests were representatives from AS Watsons, CityU Veterinary Medical Centre, Consumer Council, Hong Kong Pet Trade Association and Pets At Home, etc.

Says Patrick Ng, Product Development Manager, My Duque: “We are so honoured to be attending this momentous occasion. The Pet Product Testing Centre is armed with a variety of cutting-edge instruments, which is truly impressive. We are a long-standing partner of Intertek and they never fail to amaze us with their expertise. We are looking forward to building our competitive advantage that will differentiate us from the rest with Intertek’s all-round support. Congratulations to Intertek for their outstanding work.”

Says William Wong, Assistant General Manager, Laboratories, Intertek Toys & Hardlines: “As a Total Quality Assurance solution provider, Intertek offers our industry partners a wealth of knowledge and experience on how to navigate the ever-changing pet product landscape. We pride ourselves on being one of the best certification bodies to give advice to brands globally. The launch of our Pet Product Testing Centre will reinforce our leading position in the field and signifies a new chapter in our achievements. We will continue to deliver innovative solutions, enabling our customers to develop quality products for the fast-growing market.

The Centre is the latest addition to Intertek’s diversified portfolio of testing facilities. Intertek’s global network of state-of-the-art facilities and industry-leading technical expertise will continue to contribute immensely to enhancing Intertek’s regional service capability. With the launch of the Centre, we will help our industry partners develop quality pet products, enabling them to compete globally.




 Pet Product Testing Centre Video Cover Photo