Intertek Hong Kong Celebrates Mother’s Day with Rinato’s Charitable Carnations

Showing appreciation and respect for our working mothers

May 12, 2022

This year, Intertek Hong Kong celebrates Mother's Day in partnership with Rinato Eco Floral Shop, a social enterprise that aims to promote social integration for individuals who are hard of hearing.

In the morning of May 5, the team were busy setting up a pink corner to place the fresh-cut carnations from Rinato. The carnations were patiently waiting for working mothers of Intertek Hong Kong to collect them at the reception area. The fresh scent of flowers also filled the new Nursing Room which was first set up back in January by our Human Resources Department. This Nursing Room provides a private and comfortable environment to our breastfeeding colleagues.

Says Jasmine Chan from the Electrical Team, who had her first child last year: “I was really surprised to see carnations once I arrived at the office. They were beautiful! The fact that they came from a charity makes it that much better. Mother’s Day means so much more to me now that I am a mother. It makes me appreciate what my mom has done for me over the years. Being a working mother myself means making contribution to both my work and the kids, but I enjoy every little second of it.

Since 2016, Rinato Eco Floral Shop has been working ceaselessly to connect individuals who are haring impaired with the society. By providing training on flower arrangement and sales skills, Rinato creates countless job opportunities for the needy. Hopefully, the society will recognise the potential of people who are differently abled.

Says Peter Leung, Human Resources Director, Intertek Hong Kong: “We would like to thank all the inspiring working moms on this special day. Their hands are full of their dedication to work, but also a second job when they come home. We wish to take a minute to show our appreciation for their hard work and perseverance. What’s the better way to celebrate motherhood than with a charity? This year's Mother Day is extra-special because we are also giving back to the community with Rinato. Let us be thankful for all the amazing things and people in our lives.

It is amazing that we had our Intertek children saying thanks to our mothers in this video. Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful and amazing mothers!

Mother's Day 2022 Cover Photo