Intertek Hong Kong Delivers Stem Toy Mark to Paladone for Its DC STEM Games

Incorporating safety into the STEM learning experience

March 23, 2022

Intertek Hong Kong has delivered the STEM Toy Mark to Paladone, the UK's leading supplier of wholesale consumer goods. The Mark recognises Paladone's six DC STEM Educational games, which aim to inspire creativity and STEM (Science, Technology Engineering and Mathematics) learning.

Paladone develops merchandise for some of the biggest brands in the world, such as DC Comics, and covers many areas including gaming, lifestyle, movies, television, eSports and music. With their DC STEM Educational games, Paladone strives to encourage children's learning and intellectual curiosity.

Intertek offers the STEM Toy Mark - a unique and trusted mark - to reassure educational bodies and consumers that their STEM toys have met the most stringent safety standards. Intertek's STEM Toy Mark help clients market their products as safe toys that promote STEM learning. With the Mark, STEM toy manufacturers can proudly declare that their products are both high in STEM elements and safe.

The six DC STEM Educational games from Paladone are: DC Superhero - Batman Bingo, DC Superhero - Gotham City Race, DC Superhero - Superhero Dominoes, DC Superhero Lotto, DC Superhero Matching Game and DC Superhero Symbol Showdown. These games connect gaming and STEM learning together while abiding to the most stringent safety standards.

Says Rhonda Smith, Technical Manager, Paladone: "We believe these DC STEM Educational games have the potential to make STEM learning both enjoyable and challenging for our bright young minds. But we needed a way to make sure they are safe for children. This is why we turn to Intertek once again for their extensive experience and expertise. Thank you, Intertek, for this STEM Toy Mark. We can now proudly say that these games are safe and real STEM toys."

Says Cindy Chan, Vice President, Intertek Toys and Hardlines: "Intertek is honoured to be working with Paladone again. As a Total Quality Assurance solutions provider, we are committed to safeguarding the safety and quality of STEM toys, helping our clients to comply with the relevant regulations and secure a strong position in the market. We are excited to welcome Paladone to our ever-growing international portfolio, to include not only domestic brands, but also global mega-brands in the ever-changing STEM toy market."