Intertek Hong Kong Certifies biodegradable masks from reMatter

Supporting local brands in their journey to sustainability

January 27, 2022

Hong Kong local brand reMatter has been certified by Intertek for their provision of biodegradable 3-layer medical masks. Intertek Hong Kong is so honored to contribute to reMatter’s manufacturing and production of biodegradable masks by recognizing reMatter’s green effort with the Green Leaf Certification scheme.

reMatter, a local brand formed by an innovative team, utilized advanced technologies and produced masks and packaging materials from biodegradable materials. reMatter produced masks that will undergo biodegradation in an oxygen-free environment after being sent to the landfill.

Granted with Intertek’s Green Leaf Mark, the 45-day biodegradation rate of used and discarded reMatter masks is estimated to reach 6.5%. The masks can undergo biodegradation and decompose into water, carbon dioxide and other non-toxic gases, while on average, plastic masks will take up to 450 years to break down.

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, the global demand for masks is soaring. Disposable masks, often contain the plastic polypropylene, take a long time to decompose after being discarded. The plastics also pollute water and can harm wildlife who eat them or become tangled in them. At Intertek, we have a very clear purpose - to bring quality, safety and sustainability to life, now and for future generations. We are deeply passionate in supporting our clients and helping them prove their commitment. Even amidst the pandemic, we do our very best in helping our clients meet the criteria so that they will be able to protect our mother nature, while also meeting the most stringent mask requirements.

Says Alex Lee, founder of reMatter: “Apart from disposable masks, we believe that there can be plenty of eco-friendly alternatives. But when we first venture into the biodegradable mask production industry, we found that the industry was dynamic and harsh. We realized that we needed an industry partner with extensive experience and expertise in the field, just like Intertek. Their support is a crucial first step in making our biodegradable innovation a reality.

Says Dorothy Lau, Director, Toys and Hardlines: “We are so honored to support reMatter’s striving effort in protecting the environment during this challenging time. Sustainability is a top priority for Intertek. Minimizing the massive amounts of waste generated by COVID-19 is perhaps a good place to start. With our team of experts, we are actively investigating whether masks and other personal protective equipment (PPE) could be sustainable in safe ways. We think sustainability truly matters, and it is worth it for us to rethink ways we are using masks.

Join us in protecting the future of the earth and mankind. Every little step counts. We think it matters. Rethink the matters. Let’s build back ever better.