Intertek Hong Kong Recognised with “Testing and Certification Manpower Development Corporate Award”

Facilitating professional development for T&C talents

January 12, 2022

On December 22, Intertek Hong Kong was awarded the "Testing and Certification Manpower Development Corporate Award" by the Hong Kong Council for Testing and Certification (HKCTC) in recognition of our performance in manpower development and service enhancement.

HKCTC launched the first Testing and Certification Manpower Development Award Scheme in 2021 with the aim of acknowledging the outstanding contribution by testing and certification (T&C) bodies which highly value talent training and manpower development. The award was also to encourage T&C practitioners to strive for improvement and professional development.

Since 1973, Intertek Hong Kong has been delivering bespoke Assurance, Testing, Inspection and Certification solutions. We understand that talent development is of paramount importance in the sustainable development of the T&C industry and are committed to talent development by encouraging colleagues to join training which will better equip them for their future career development.

Our technical to leadership all-round training not only supports colleagues to achieve higher academic achievements and obtain professional qualifications, but also prepares them for enhanced career prospects. Providing a structured platform for talents to shine, Intertek promises to continue to deliver quality, safety and sustainability to our customers, as well as redoubling its efforts in fostering talents in the T&C industry.

Says Jason Ho, Vice President - Electrical: "We are very honored to be recognized by the Hong Kong Council for Testing and Certification. As a core member of the T&C industry, which is one of the Six Industries in Hong Kong, Intertek Hong Kong will continue to play our role in strengthening the T&C industry's capability to serve the emerging needs of the ever-changing market."

Says Peter Leung, Human Resources Director: "Intertek has been a keen supporter of talent development and professional training. We take pride in the ongoing development and training of our talents. Perhaps now more than ever, we need more capable and energetic young people to join the T&C profession for a stronger talent pool. With the support of our industry partners in various fields, we believe Hong Kong's T&C sector will gear towards success and international competitiveness."

Thank you HKCTC for the recognition and congratulations to all awardees!



On behalf of Intertek Hong Kong, Jason Ho, Vice President, Electrical and Peter Leung, Human Resources Director, attend the ceremony and accept the award.