Intertek Hong Kong Celebrates Family Day

2021 has been a challenging yet fruitful year. Let’s build back ever better!

December 09, 2021

On December 4, Intertek Hong Kong held a Family Day, inviting the friends and families of over 20 of our colleagues to visit the Intertek Hong Kong Office at Lai Chi Kok, Kowloon.

2021 has been a year full of ups and downs, with the COVID-19 pandemic and many other unpredictable challenges. In spite of these unforeseeable circumstances, our colleagues have been nothing less than extraordinary.

Echoing our global digital BBEB platform to help and inspire everyone around the world to create their own local community space in their local language to inspire friends, family, and public institutions, our Human Resources team in Hong Kong organised a Family Day for our colleagues.

The day began with a lab tour. Friends and families of our co-workers visited the Electrical, Softlines and Toys & Hardlines laboratories where their parents and children work hard to achieve excellence. During the tour, they were able to learn more about the workplace where their loved ones work magic. With their expertise and passion, Intertek is bringing quality, safety and sustainability to life, inspiring our clients every day.

After the tour, our co-workers and their families joined the fun booth games introducing, biodegradable textiles, e-toys, electrical safety and healthy food choices. Our colleagues worked together to solve puzzles for prizes, there was a prize wheel, photo booth, arts n' crafts and so much more. The booth games were not only an opportunity for bonding with their family members, but it was also a great opportunity for them to connect with friends and families of other colleagues. The games were meaningful for all involved and allowed everyone to share a fun and unique bonding opportunity.

Minami, wife of Gary Yu, Electrical Team, said the Family Day was an experience she will long cherish. “This is the first time I’ve experienced the place my husband works in. The opportunity to know more about my husband’s company, with the noble mission of building back ever better, really made me proud of Gary.” She smiled from ear to ear.

Says Aaryan, son of Shirley Tang, Food Service Team, “This is the first time I have been to mommy’s office! It’s so big! And the labs look so fun! Full of machines and equipment! He grinned: “I hope that one day when I grow up, I can work here just like my super mom!

The Family Day allowed our teammates’ friends and families to get a better understanding of their work environment and see firsthand what family means to Intertek. By welcoming friends and families into its home, Intertek hopes to express its commitment to strengthening family bonds, both between colleagues and their families, and between colleagues’ “home” and “work” families. By nurturing growth and relationships of our colleagues, Intertek is making a great workplace even better.

Says Peter Leung, Human Resources Director, Hong Kong: “Our colleagues are an integral part of the company. They truly are our company’s most valuable asset. Their abilities, knowledge, and experience can never be replaced. The family day is the golden opportunity to let our family members understand how meaningful and sustainable our everyday jobs are! We have also invited all family members as our ambassadors to build our BBEB network in the local communities!” 

Together, let’s build back ever better!