Intertek Hong Kong says “thank you” to colleagues with Wellness CheerUp Kit

Intertek joins with Hong Kong Federation of Youth Group in local Kindness initiative

July 26, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the lives of many people in unprecedented ways. As the pandemic enters its second year, stress and anxiety levels are at an all-time high. Nonetheless, our colleagues have been nothing less than excellent. Echoing the Kindness initiative of Intertek’s Global Wellbeing program, our Human Resources team in Hong Kong prepared and distributed a Wellness CheerUp Kit for our colleagues – not only to thank them for their dedication and perseverance especially amidst the pandemic, but also to remind them to look after their own wellbeing.

Together with the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Group (HKFYG), a Hong Kong NGO committed to providing youth services, Intertek Hong Kong prepared a Wellness CheerUp Kit with a wide range of relaxation items including eye masks, Chinese Herbalist-prescribed tea bags, beautiful Chinese poems with candies, Zentangle Drawing exercise and thank you cards, to show our appreciation to our colleagues for their hard work.

Says Peter Leung, Human Resources Director, Intertek Hong Kong: “Intertek’s numerous achievements, realised through the enthusiasm of our staff, are something of which we are all very proud. It would have been easy to forget about our wellbeing during the enormous challenges of the past year, but we were determined not to allow our mental health to falter. Protecting our state of mind is also our duty – if we care about our own children, we should also care for ourselves. Let’s build back ever better!

The beloved Buddhist teacher Pema Chödrön once said: “Be kinder to yourself and then let your kindness flood the world!” Intertek Hong Kong would like to thank our colleagues for their professionalism even in such challenging and unpredictable circumstances. Mental health is essential because it affects all aspects of our lives.



Thank you for your professionalism despite the unprecedented global crisis. Your efficiency and adaptability to these circumstances have been nothing less than impressive. 



Investing in mental health is crucial because it affects all aspects of our lives. Do take care of your mental wellbeing. A little can go a long way. 



Resting and recharging are just as important as working hard, Let's fight the pandemic together!



Together with HKFYG, we distributed Wellness CheerUp Kits to our colleagues, not only to thank them for the dedication and perseverance, but also to remind to look after their wellbeing.