Intertek Hong Kong – Lighting the way through the Opening of the LED Technology Centre

April 09, 2014

The undisputed leader in lighting technology testing

With over 40 years of service excellence, Intertek Hong Kong has maintained its leading position as the testing hub for the lighting products in the region. In 2010, the first full LED testing centre was set up which enabled photometry and luminaries testing. Two years later, LED chips and modules reliability testing were introduced to strengthen the solutions for different stages of the LED supply chain including component and end product testing.

As the Centre of New Technology of the group, the latest development has involved the addition of some of the most advanced devices for LED light sources reliability and lumen maintenance testing. Together with the existing Type C Goniophotometer and the Integrating Sphere-Spectrometer System, Intertek Hong Kong now offers a complete solution on LED testing to cater the increasing market demand.

To manufacturers and traders, the cutting edge equipment means greater efficiency in facilitating their product entry. To end users of LED illumination, a product that has gone the testing and certification processes added confidence on the product’s safety, energy efficiency and many other areas.

Benefits of a certification scheme

Intertek Hong Kong’s team equipped with a comprehensive understanding of the prevailing standards employed worldwide as well as the voluntary certification scheme in Hong Kong. Basil Wai, CEO of Hong Kong Electronic Industries Association said, ‘We believe that by pushing a unified scheme on LED testing is the best to the industry and end users. Working closely with Intertek Hong Kong, we are proactively shaping the scheme along with other industry players’.

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