Pre-Shipment Inspection for Exports to Mozambique

Intertek has been appointed by the Government of Mozambique as the sole service provider of its pre-shipment inspection programme.

Regulated goods (known as the Positive List) is subject to pre-shipment inspection in the country of export before they are imported into Mozambique. Regulated goods have to comply with these regulations and must be accompanied by a Documento Unico Certificado (DUC). 

When exporting regulated goods to Mozambique, the following Intertek process must be followed: 

Importer Advice - Your buyer supplied Intertek with the details of their intended purchase.
Request for Information - Once completed, it outlines the details for Intertek's inspection. 
Physical Inspection   - All packages or containers of goods are inspected and sealed. 
Price and Tariff Coding - Intertek indicate the Customs tariff code and an opinion on the value for customs clearance purposes. 
Preparation of Importer Certificates - Your buyer is issued with an Importer Certificate. 
Clearance of Goods - Your buyer can clear the shipment through customs.


Exporting Used Vehicles to Mozambique?

Under Ministerial Diploma 244/2011 all used vehicles imported into Mozambique are subject to a mandatory Pre-Shipment Inspection - PSI (physical inspection performed at origin, prior to the vehicle being shipped to Mozambique).

Exporters are now required to pay $265 + VAT/ Sales Tax (or equivalent) per vehicle towards the cost of the inspection.

If the vehicle arrives in Mozambique without pre-shipment inspection it will not clear through Customs and it will then require an inspection at destination. This destination inspection (DI) will take place at the Customs clearance  point and the full costs of a pre-shipment inspection payable. In addition a fine equal to 10% of the CIF value determined by Intertek for Customs purposes will be levied.


To find out how to arrange a pre-shipment inspection and more information on the required documentation please contact your local Intertek Government and Trade Services office.

For further details please email

Need help or have a question? +852 3008 2099

Need help or have a question?

+852 3008 2099
+852 3008 2099