Destination Inspection of Imports to Ecuador

Goods imported into Ecuador may be subject to the programme of Aforo En Destino, meaning that a mandatory inspection is conducted at the port of entry by one of the approved inspection companies, such as Intertek.

 Inspection company are rotated on a weekly basis through various ports and airports, as instructed by Customs, and there importers cannot select inspection company.


Exporting Ceramics or Textiles to Ecuador?

Exporters/Importers of ceramic tiles, ceramic table, textiles or footwear trading with Ecuado need a Certificate of Inspection. Intertek are approved by the Ecuadorian Control Organization - OAE and by International Organizations: INMETRO - Brazil and CNAS - China. and are able to issue these mandatory certificates.

Intertek has been providing services to the Ecuadorian government since 1994.

For assistance in exporting to Ecuador, contact our Ecuador office by emailing or calling 593-42687180.  Alternatively, please contact your local Intertek office.

Need help or have a question? +852 3008 2099

Need help or have a question?

+852 3008 2099
+852 3008 2099


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