Electromagnetic Testing and Certification (EMC/EMF)

Regardless of your product's destination market, if it's electronic, electromagnetic or electromechanical, it must undergo Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) testing to pinpoint any harmful electronic emissions and determine its susceptibility to stray RF.

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Testing

Throughout Intertek's global network, many of our labs are equipped with the OATS (Outdoor Area Test Sites) and anechoic chambers, providing you with local EMC testing capabilities over the world.  

  • For the U.S., your product must comply with Federal Communications Commission (FCC)
  • For Canada, your product must follow Industry Canada (IC) guides
  • For the EU you need a Declaration of Conformity
  • For Australia, you need Australian Communications Authority's (ACA) registration
  • Japan requires VCCI marking¬†
  • Korea requires MSIP approval for KC Mark

Intertek's EMC engineers will enable you to continuously carry out both pre-compliance and full-compliance testing. You can also receive help evaluating various technical aspects of your products in greater detail. For example, specific customer requirements and/or analysis of any margins for standard requirement levels regarding emission and immunity.

Intertek is equipped with many EMC chambers, both fully-anechoic and semi-anechoic. For the largest chambers, Intertek has a 10-meter test site, which is the requirement in most standards. Intertek also has the resources to perform tests at customer sites, when that is more appropriate. Intertek is a Competent Body according to the EMC Directive and a Notified Body according to the Radio & Telecom Terminal Directive (R&TTE).

An electrical or electro-mechanical product bearing the worldwide EMC Verification mark issued by Intertek or its parent company signifies that it was tested and meets the minimum requirements of prescribed electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) standards.


Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) Testing

Onsite EMF Testing

There is a large market for wireless devices especially with the development of 5G applications in recent years. However, the effect of electromagnetic fields (EMF) is a growing concern. Recent news has revealed the suspected association between cancer inducement and exposure to the technology due to the proximity of rooftop mobile phone base stations, power stations, train stations, etc. It is speculated that an increase in the use of the latest telecommunication technologies such as 5G, Wi-Fi 6E or Bluetooth 5 could induce cancers to civilians. To alleviate public anxiety about these ever-growing technologies, Intertek Hong Kong delivers the testing service for EMF to different parties.

EMF in The Workplace

EU Directive 2013/35/EU and Uk Regulation 588/2016

The effects of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) is a growing concern in the workplace. Effective from July 2016, it is a LEGAL requirement in Europe to monitor EMF levels in all workplaces to ensure employees will not be harmed or suffer long-term ill effects from exposure.

Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) Testing

Intertek provides SAR Testing on wireless portable devices. Your device will be tested with state-of-the-art apparatus with cutting edge technology, giving you precise and trustworthy radio frequency exposure measurements.

Shielding Effectiveness Testing

Electromagnetic shielding is the practice of reducing or blocking the electromagnetic field (EMF) through barriers made of conductive, magnetic, or even building materials. Those materials are applied to the enclose the space to isolate the electronic devices from the outer environment. Depending on the applications, the enclosures can be walls, bags, or the coverages of the cables. Shielding Effectiveness Testing is to determine the ability of the materials or enclosures to block or reduce the electromagnetic fields or radio frequency signals.Intertek Hong Kong is available to conduct the tests according to different international standards. We are also willing to help our customers to design the customized tests according to the specific requirements.
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