RoHS and WEEE Services – European Union

Intertek provides comprehensive EU RoHS 2 Directive (2011/65/EU) compliance services and Recast WEEE Directive 2012/19/EU solution to meet your electronic and electrical equipment product requirements.

The RoHS Directive restricts the use of Lead (Pb), Mercury (Hg), Cadmium (Cd), Hexavalent chromium (Cr6+), Polybrominated biphenyls (PBB) and Polybrominated diphenyl ether (PBDE) in manufacturing of certain electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) marketed in the EU.

The new RoHS Directive, known as RoHS 2, introduces new requirements of CE Marking and declaration of conformity. Before placing an EEE on the market, a manufacturer/importer/distributor must make sure that the appropriate conformity assessment procedure has been implemented and affix the CE marking on the finished product. After January 2013, electronic products bearing the CE Mark must meet the requirements of the RoHS 2 directive.


The scope of RoHS 2 Directive has been extended to all EEE including medical devices, monitoring and control instruments, and EEE products not covered under the previous 10 categories (the 11th equipment category) unless specifically excluded. The timeline for the extension EEE:


  • 22 July 2014  - Medical devices and monitoring and control instruments
  • 22 July 2016 - In vitro diagnostic medical devices covered
  • 22 July 2017 - Industrial monitoring and control equipment covered
  • 22 July 2019 - Electrical and electronic equipment which fell outside the scope of the original RoHS Directive


EU RoHS 2 Recast Directive (2011/65/EU) Services 

Intertek provides a comprehensive RoHS compliance solution, supported by our local RoHS professionals, enabling us to help you in successful facilitation of their RoHS compliance.


  • RoHS Testing
  • RoHS XRF Screening
  • RoHS Consulting
  • RoHS Technical File Documentation
  • RoHS Bill of Material (BoM) Assessment
  • RoHS Compliance Assurance
  • RoHS Product Certification
  • CE Mark
  • Green Certification (Green Leaf Mark)
  • RoHS Education and Training


Recast EU WEEE Directive 2012/19/EU 

The recast WEEE Directive (2012/19/EU) was published in the EU Official Journal on 24 July 2012 and entered into force already. Electrical and electronic products manufacturers must build transition to an open scope, process for harmonized registration, reporting, and manufacturer definition, meet the requirements for Authorized Representative for offshore manufacturers with no importer, and meet the increased recovery targets.


The EU Waste Electronics and Electrical Equipment (WEEE) Directive puts manufacturers the obligation of recycling (including collection, treatment, and environmentally friendly disposal) of EEE products. The objective is to reduce electronic waste, protect human health and the environment from hazardous substances. Fail to comply with the WEEE Directive would place manufacturers at risk for prosecution and inability to market their products in the EU.


EU Waste Electronics and Electrical Equipment (WEEE) Directive Services 

Intertek provides operational and consultancy solutions for WEEE recycling compliance. WEEE requirements are country specific, therefore we offer services adapting and conforming to each country's rules and regulations, in all 10 EU WEEE Directive categories. We work directly with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and their contract equipment manufacturers (CEMs) to fulfill the EU WEEE requirements rapidly and cost-effectively.


  • WEEE label checking 
  • Assessment on disassembly 
  • Assessment of recovery rate 
  • Parallel review of RoHS compliance
  • WEEE consulting


Why Intertek? 

Once we have reviewed your Bill of Materials and/or product samples, we will work with you to develop a test plan specific to your product requirements. Whether it is Documentation Review, Materials Screening, or Full Verification Testing, we will quickly conduct the appropriate analysis or testing to ensure you meet the requirements.


Our experience and industry expertise allow us to provide fast turnaround on all RoHS Directive projects. Taking advantage of Intertek's RoHS testing services will provide you with quick and accurate verification of your product compliance. If non-compliance is identified, we will work with you to recommend the appropriate next steps to ensure you are in full compliance by the effective dates of the directive.


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Need help or have a question?

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