Quality and Performance Mark

Intertek’s Quality and Performance Mark can help you in demonstrating your commitment to product quality and performance.

Intertek's Quality and Performance Mark is designed and created to give manufacturers differentiations in the markets and also consumers a peace of mind about their purchase decisions of products. The Quality and Performance Mark can help manufacturers to demonstrate their commitments to product quality and performance. To consumers the mark is issued by a third party, validated proof that a product meets or exceeds key purchasing criteria.

The advantages and benefits of the Intertek Quality and Performance Mark encompass many segments, including:

Manufacturers and Retailers 

  • Product differentiation
  • Brand promise protection and delivery
  • Trust building and brand reputation among consumers
  • Get buyers' support and trust
  • Expand market from early adopters
  • Independent third party support to validate marketing claims
  • Sourced product components validation (manufacturers) or product lines (retailers)


  • Quality and performance reassurance
  • Product choices and features navigation aids
  • Leading them to make the right product choice by independent verification

Trade Associations 

  • Use of new technologies validation and spread
  • Champion good values proactively (supply chain validation, green practices, etc.)
  • Through a consumer facing performance mark to further support association programs
  • Additional level of performance builds on programs
  • Quality assurance benchmarked level for industry


How the Quality and Performance Mark Works

Choosing from five baseline quality tests; meeting or surpassing the baselines allow you to post and describe the test results on advertising materials, on the web and in other marketing channels. The five test areas include:  


  • Durability: Evaluates the product's range of conditions that it can handle and continue to function
  • Functionality: Evaluates the product's performance of main functions and features under normal use
  • Life Cycle: Under ideal conditions, the basic function of the product to a specified life end (How long it lasts in normal operation)
  • Usability: Assess the ease of use for intended tasks
  • Workmanship: Verify the physical characteristics of the product as indicators of high quality fabrication and handling techniques

Once the Quality and Performance Mark is issued, the certification is valid for one year; there are no requirements of follow up services.


Check/Plus Performance

In addition to the baseline quality tests, manufacturer's specific claims can also be tested through a sixth test called CheckPlus Performance. After the validation issued by Intertek, the claims can be posted in your advertising materials, point-of-purchase and the product packaging to differentiate your product from competitors in the marketplace.


For more information on the Intertek Quality and Performance Mark, please see www.IntertekCheck.com

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Need help or have a question?

+852 3008 2099
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