Qi Wireless Charging Testing and Certification

The Future of Wireless Charging is Now!

You know just how it feels when your smartphone battery dies and you get disconnected. Aren’t you tired of fussing with all the messy, often incompatible, charger cords for your mobile and electrical devices?  

With fast-developing wireless-charging technology improving our daily lives, the hassle of charging is increasingly minimized. Today, close-range inductive-charging technology is the norm for wireless charging, with the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC)*-Qi standard being a mature, open standard with the widest global distribution and penetration.  

With this technology, any Qi-compatible device can be placed on Baseline Power Profile (BPP) / Extended Power Profile (EPP) charging pads or docks to juice up safely and easily. With the increasing number of Qi wireless chargers located at workplaces, restaurant chains, cafes, hotels, shopping malls and in vehicles, we can now bid farewell to all the chargers we have to tote around and say goodbye to battery anxiety.  

Many restaurants, shops, airports, cars have started to build in support to Qi wireless charging. All Qi-certified wireless chargers support and work with the newly launched iPhones, including those from Mophie.

Qi Opens Up a New World of Possibilities   

When a phone battery never dies, many more possibilities open up. Your phone can now connect with hotel room service, via the Qi system, so that the temperature of your room or the position of an adjustable desk gets set to your personal preference the moment your phone is placed in the dock, no matter which hotel room you are in around the world.  

Just imagine that all your household appliances, including your vacuum cleaner, hair dryer, shaver, toothbrush and steamer, are cordless. All you need do is move them to the charging dock located on the wall or on your table for a recharge. As the technology transcends products and brands, consumers no longer need to worry about the compatibility of devices. The provision of wireless charging spots and Internet connections opens up countless opportunities in personalized experience and data intelligence for consumers and brands.  

The wireless-charging world is set to evolve in the same way that Wi-Fi has enabled Internet connection through the air, bringing even greater convenience to consumers. This evolution is here today: the latest smartphone models, for example, iPhone and Android phones from Samsung, Nokia, SONY and LG are all Qi-compatible and IKEA is already offering Qi wireless-charging furniture. The Qi-ecosystem can only get bigger.  

Intertek Hong Kong – Spearheading Testing and Certification for the Wireless Charging Industry   

As the Center of New Technology and Knowledge, Intertek Hong Kong is the world’s first WPC-authorized testing laboratory to provide testing and certification services for both Baseline Power Profile (BPP) and Extended Power Profile (EPP) Qi products. We are spearheading the testing technology used to confirm Qi-product compliance and interoperability to ensure a favorable user experience for end consumers and, at the same time, to help increase the Qi adoption.   

We finished the testing and certification for all ranges of Qi-certified wireless charging modules of NXP Semiconductors, and also for most of the Qi wireless charging devices including newly launched models in the market, for example, Mophie.

For chipset or end-product manufacturers who are interested in being part of the blossoming Qi-ecosystem, speak to our specialists today. We offer a one-stop solution, from R&D consulting to product testing and certification – basically everything you need to get your Qi products to market.  


Proprietary Power Delivery Extensions (PPDE) Testing Service is now available at Intertek Hong Kong

Wireless device manufacturers can develop faster charging following the Proprietary Power Delivery Extensions (PPDE) standard than the Baseline Power Profile (BPP) standard.

As PPDE voltages and currents are higher, it can support mobile phones with higher power demand. The Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) decided that it is necessary to ensure the safety of Qi Certified wireless chargers and mobile phones that use proprietary extensions above 5W. Therefore, compliance tests for Qi certification of wireless chargers that use proprietary charging methods such as the PPDE (also known as Samsung Fast Charge) will be mandatory.

Intertek Hong Kong is not only the world’s first WPC-authorized testing laboratory for both BPP and Extended Power Profile (EPP), but also accredited for the PPDE testing by the WPC now. We can provide one-stop services to cater demands from R&D, QC, merchandisers and buyers, for completing PPDE testing and certification. 

*Established in 2008, the Wireless Power Consortium is an open, collaborative standards development group of more than 200 company members working together to design and evolve the world’s most useful, safe and efficient standard for wireless power called Qi.  


Qi v2

The WPC updated the Qi V2.0 Specification in 2023. Here are some highglights.

  • New Power Profile - Magnetic Power Profile (MPP)
  • This profile utilizes magnets to enable wireless chargers to securely attach to the back of smartphones.
  • Increased Efficiency and Speed
  • Qi V2.0 ensures alignment between the mobile device and wireless charger, resulting in faster and more efficient charging.
  • Opportunities for Future Enhancements
  • Improved Sustainability



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Need help or have a question?

+852 3008 2099
+852 3008 2099