Intertek and Panasonic Alkaline Battery Certification Case Study

Industry challenge: Supporting quality control for batteries.

Panasonic relies on Intertek for a wide range of testing, inspection, and certification solutions. Panasonic is continuously developing innovative products such as home appliances, office equipment/IT, consumer electronics, telecom, beauty and personal devices, energy-storage products, and more. Product safety, quality, and performance are a top priority in protecting their customers, the environment, and their brand reputation in the market.

Among consumer-electronics products, alkaline batteries sometimes leak after being used for a certain period and, once they leak, such batteries cannot be used anymore. Battery leakage may also cause damage to electrical equipment, resulting in chemical burns and poisoning. Due to the potential risks, employing anti-leakage technology is imperative in battery design, and can improve battery construction and reduce the incidence of battery leakage, while safeguarding consumer safety.

Intertek provided support to Panasonic by testing their alkaline batteries under abnormal conditions, including high-temperature and humidity conditions, over a three-month period, as specified by Panasonic battery experts and Intertek engineers. The tests clearly demonstrated that minimal to no leakage occurred in the samples of Panasonic alkaline batteries using anti-leakage technology.

See below for the list of certifications Panasonic currently holds for its battery products with Intertek:

Pana Cert 1aa

Pana Cert 2aa

The battery-certification case study is just one example of how Intertek works with Panasonic to improve product quality, safety, and performance for their battery products. Intertek’s expertise, breadth of services, and global network of laboratories makes us the ideal testing partner for Panasonic. Intertek also works collaboratively with their product-development teams - alongside engineering, sales and marketing to help them achieve certifications such as the ETL Listed Mark and S Mark for electrical safety compliance, the Quality & Performance Mark to demonstrate proof of product excellence, and the Green Leaf Mark to show compliance with environmental and sustainability regulations. It is a strong partnership based on the common goal of product safety, quality, and performance.

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Need help or have a question?

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