Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada Foreign Certification Body (FCB)

Intertek Hong Kong is an accredited Foreign Certification Body (FCB) for Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED) to provide product certification service for radio apparatus to be used and sold in the Canada market.

Pursuant to subsections 4(2) of the Radiocommunication Act of Canada and 21(1) of the Radiocommunication Regulations of Canada, all category I radio equipment must be certified before they are imported, distributed, leased, offered for sale or sold in Canada.

Intertek Hong Kong is a Foreign Certification Body (FCB) which has been recognized by Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED) under the terms of Mutual Recognition Agreements/Arrangements (MRAs) to certify radio equipment to Canadian regulatory requirements.

As a leading testing and certification body in Hong Kong, Intertek is committed to fully support our clients and provide the most effective testing and certification services. Intertek Testing Services Hong Kong Limited is a subsidiary of Intertek Testing Services Holdings Limited and obtains financial support from the Holding Company. For the related testing and certification services of the Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada Foreign Certification Body Program, starting from Jan 2021, please download the forms below links and submit the completed applications to our office.

Intertek Hong Kong’s FCB Scope of Accreditation

Radio Scope 1 – Licence-exempt Radio Frequency Devices

Details of the above-mentioned scopes can be found on ISED’s Spectrum Management and Telecommunications website at:

Radiocommunication and Broadcasting Equipment Scopes of Accreditation for Certification Bodies 

Document Checklist for Certification:

The following documents shall be submitted with the certification application depending on the Type of Certification Service(s) listed at the bottom of the table. Please review the details below the table for guidance.

Type of ServiceDescription of Required Document(s)
AllApplication Cover Letter: A letter with explanation of the type of certification service requested and brief description of the radio equipment.
AllRSP-100, form A, Application and Agreement for Certification Services: A completed and signed copy. Please see Note 1.
AllRSP-100, form B, Test Report Cover Sheet: A completed and signed copy.
AllRSS-102, annex A/B or C: A completed and signed copy of Annex A and Annex B, or Annex C of RSS-102, Radio Frequency (RF) Exposure Compliance of Radiocommunication Apparatus (All Frequency Bands).
AllCanadian Representative Letter: The applicant-Canadian Representative agreement signed by the Canadian Representative shall be submitted when the applicant’s company address is not within Canada.
AllAgent/Authorization Agreement: If the applicant has authorized another entity for legal representation on its behalf, this agreement shall be submitted.
All*RSP-100, form D, Modular Approval Attestation: A completed and signed copy required for modular certifications only.
All*Radio Test Report: A detailed test report meeting the technical requirements of the applicable Radio Standards Specification (RSS) and/or Broadcasting Equipment Technical Standard (BETS). Please see Note 2.
All*RSS-102 Compliance: SAR Test Report and/or RF Evaluation and/or Nerve Stimulation Test Report for the product. Please see Note 2.
All*Photos: Internal and External photos of the product versions in the application.
All*Product manual with applicable user notifications and operational description.
All*Schematics, block diagrams and parts list.
All*Product Label: Physical label and label location photo(s) or illustration of the product label.
All*Confidentiality Request (If applicable): A letter identifying the confidential documents.
2,3Family Certification Information: A letter/diagrams/photos explaining/showing the similarities and differences between the versions of the product. May include schematics/diagrams/photos if necessary. Please see note 3.
3,4Modification Information: A signed letter explaining/showing the changes to the existing version of the product. May include schematics/diagrams/photos if necessary. Please see note 3.
5.6Original Applicant Authorization: A letter signed by original applicant authorizing new applicant to certify the product for multiple listing or transfer of certification.


All – The requirement applies to all 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 types of certification services listed below.
* – For all types of applications, if this document is identical to the document with the original filing, the document can be omitted.
1 – New Single Product Certification
2 – New Product Family Certification
3 – Add New Product to Existing Family (C1PC, C2PC)
4 – Modifications (C3PC, C4PC)
5 – Multiple Listing of Certification
6 – Full/Partial Transfer of Certification

Note 1 – A company which does not have ISED Company Number should register on Spectrum Management System.
Note 2 - Test report shall have accreditation symbol under ISO/IEC 17025. Otherwise, supporting document showing the accreditation scope at the time of the issuance of test report is required.
Note 3 - When no additional testing is required, a statement of compliance to the latest issue of the applicable standard(s) shall be provided as part of the application

FCB User Guide

FCB Certification Terms and Conditions



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