BEAB Approved Mark

Intertek’s BEAB Approved Mark is a European Safety Mark to support CE Marking and to demonstrate conformity with the Low Voltage Directive (LVD) used by leading electrical manufacturers.

The BEAB Approved Mark can be accessed through the CB Scheme and via Intertek. The product with a BEAB Approved Mark demonstrates that its safety has been verified by Intertek (an independent third-party). The BEAB Approved Mark is recognized across the UK and Europe and it demonstrates the safety pedigree of your products. It exhibits your commitment to best practice, to producing quality products and most importantly your commitment to the safety to your customers.

BEAB Approved Mark provides reassurance to consumers, retailers, distributors and port authorities that your product has achieved the highest safety levels. The Mark indicates that the product is manufactured in a factory with inspection, using accepted methods and that it has been tested and assessed by Intertek. Products bearing the BEAB Approved Mark are also randomly checked and inspected by Intertek annually.

BEAB Approval is useful to be as a basis for obtaining other national and international certification marks under the CB and ENEC schemes. It is also widely used for supporting the declaration of conformity and technical file activity required when CE Marking for the EU.

Products carrying the BEAB Approved Mark

  • Heating appliances & equipment (EN 60335 series)
  • Refrigeration appliances & equipment (EN 60335 series)
  • Motor-operated appliances (EN 60335 series)
  • Appliances for body care (EN 60335 series)
  • Transformers / Power supply units (EN 61558 series)
  • Audio & Video products (EN 60065)
  • Aerial & cable products (EN 60065)
  • Information Technology devices (EN 60950)
  • Instrumentation (EN 61010)
  • Lighting (EN 60598 series)

BEAB Controls Mark Scheme

"BEAB Controls" Mark Scheme offered by Intertek enables switch assemblies and controls manufacturers to demonstrate the reliability and safety of their products to the appliance manufacturers. The included Scheme Standards are "thermal controls" EN 60730-1, "thermal links" EN 60691 and "switches" EN 61058-1. 

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Need help or have a question?

+852 3008 2099
+852 3008 2099