New Standard – Wall Switch EN 60669-1:2018

You must test your wall switches by 16 February 2019!

EN 60669-1:2018 was published on 16 Aug 2018, due to the phasing out of traditional incandescent lamps and the replacement of these lamps by self ballasted lamps (SBL), e.g. LED lamps, you must test your wall switches by 16 Feb 2019!

EN 60669-1:2018 Highlights

EN 60669-1:2018 was published on 16 August 2018 with the date of withdrawal (DOW) on 16 February 2019, i.e. it is mandatory for LVD and you comply to this new standard by the DOW.

EN 60669-1:2018 details the definitions, requirements, test methods, ratings, classification and marking for manually operated general purpose functional a.c. switches, intended for household and similar fixed electrical installations, either indoors or outdoors.

One of the main impacts for switches is the change in inrush currents when switching these SBL in comparison to incandescent lamps

New normal operation test requirement for 5,000-20,000 cycles based on loads simulating SBL, e.g. 100W, 150W, 200W and 250W for switches rated 10A, 13A, 16A and 20A respectively.

Significant Technical Changes

This edition includes the following significant technical changes with respect to the previous edition: 

  1. change of the scope for motor load switches;
  2. deletion of some dated normative references;
  3. changes to the definitions;
  4. the number of specimens to be used for the tests are clearly given;
  5. it was clarified on which switches the tests of Clause 19 shall be carried out;
  6. requirements concerning 13 A switches have been included;
  7. mandatory indication that a terminal is suitable for rigid conductor only;
  8. requirements and test conditions for flexible conductors have been included;
  9. requirements for pilot light units have been included;
  10. new test for self-ballasted lamp loads;
  11. a new table to cover normal, mini and micro-gap switches;
  12. new information including changes planned for the future in order to align IEC 60669-1 with the requirements of IEC 60998, IEC 60999 and IEC 60228; 
  13. new information about the circuit development;
  14. new information including additional requirements for insulation-piercing terminals;
  15. new information including additional requirements and tests for switches intended to be used at a temperature lower than −5 °C.


It also applies to switches such as: 

  •  switches incorporating pilot lights;  
  •  electromagnetic remote control switches (particular requirements in IEC 606692- 2);  
  •  switches incorporating a time-delay device (particular requirements in IEC 60669-2-3);  
  •  combinations of switches and other functions (with the exception of switches combined with fuses); 
  •  electronic switches (particular requirements in IEC 60669-2-1);  
  •  switches having facilities for the outlet and retention of flexible cables (see Annex A);  
  •  isolating switches (particular requirements in IEC 60669-2-4);  
  •  switches and related accessories for use in home and building electronic systems (particular requirements in IEC 60669-2-5);  
  •  firemen’s switches (particular requirements in IEC 60669-2-6). 


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Need help or have a question?

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