New Standard for Travel Adaptors

BS 8546:2016, the new standard for travel adaptors

Travel adaptors are widely available and have become indispensable accessories for travellers visiting different countries. In recent years the variety of types and styles has multiplied and commonly available with features which current standards do not cater for, such as sliding parts, several pin types and incorporated USB ports.
BS 8546:2016, the new standard covers all travel adaptors which have at least one set of plug-pins of socket-outlet compatibility with the UK (BS1363) plug and socket system. The broad scope includes travel adaptors with any of the following features:
- USB ports for charging portable devices
- Plug pins which can be configured for use with different systems 
The standard has been written by a committee representing testing and certification authorities (including Intertek), manufacturers, consumer interest groups and the UK government. 
Features covered in BS 8546:
  1. Classification 
  2. Dimensions
  3. Socket-outlets which can accept multiple types of plug pin
  4. Detachable parts, such as interchangeable plug-pin parts
  5. Configurable travel adaptors which have sliding or rotating parts to enable configuration for compatibility with numerous plug and socket systems
  6. Withdrawal force (how tightly the pins of engaged plugs are held by the travel adaptor)
  7. Strength of travel adaptor plug pins
  8. Requirements for insulated shutter opening devices (i.e. plastic pins instead of an earth pin) for unearthed travel adaptors are included
Key Benefits
- Helps to make travel adaptors safer for end users
- Removes inconsistencies in adaptor assessment
- Helps manufacturers demonstrate the calibre of their products
- Means manufactures will need to raise their game in terms of design integrity and product performance
How Intertek Can Help
Intertek is a leading Total Quality Assurance provider to industries worldwide. Our ASTA assessment and certification team, help manufacturers across the globe demonstrate the compliance of their electrical transmission and distribution products – ranging in size from small domestic fuses, to equipment used in power stations.
As part of the group of experts that developed BS 8546, our engineers are uniquely placed to help you make safer products that meet and exceed customer expectations, in terms of integrity and day to day performance. 
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Need help or have a question?

+852 3008 2099
+852 3008 2099