Software Evaluation of Household Appliance Safety

Intertek Hong Kong is now providing professional consultancy, inspection and testing service for software evaluation of household appliance safety particularly with standards IEC/UL 60335 and IEC/UL 60730.

What is Software Evaluation of Safety?

The household appliance adopts software (Programmable Electronic Circuit) to ensure its compliance with the standards and regulations whilst there is no protection hardware.

Software evaluation of safety examines the software itself, development process of the software and the related electronic component.

Product Range Example
Kitchen Appliance:
Induction cooker, DC motor cookerhood

Home Appliance:
Heat blanket, Oil heater, Robotic vacuum cleaner

What does Software Evaluation Consider?
  • Software evaluation considers all the related normal and abnormal operations
  • Software evaluation measures the control of the fault or error conditions so that the household appliance complies with the standards and regulations
  • Software evaluation considers whether the software architecture is well organized and systematic

Does My Current Product Require Software Evaluation?
  • You can easily verify from the circuit for protective components, such as current fuse
  • Is your product equipped with MCU used for safety protection purpose but not only for control?


You have to submit:
  • Hardware Description
  • Software Hazard Analysis
  • Software Safety Requirements
  • Software Architecture
  • Source Code
  • Software Validation

Our professional software engineer will inspect your submitted documentation and may discuss with your software developer for product compliance, and site visit may be required.

Software evaluation of safety is not a “box-ticking” service, our experts will go deep into the software code-level!

Intertek Hong Kong is equipped with the software experts who can help you through the process.
Need help or have a question? +852 3008 2099

Need help or have a question?

+852 3008 2099
+852 3008 2099