Cyber Security for Products in Power Systems, Lighting and Industrial Controls

Meet cyber security requirements and best practice for Industry 4.0 and the IIoT

Connectivity and the IoT is transforming industry processes. From food manufacturers and FMCG plants, to automotive plants and oil refineries, the real time information and control provided by Industrial IoT products brings huge advantages, from greater efficiencies and more flexible production, to lower plant downtime and reduced maintenance costs.

However, the associated risks are huge, from Intellectual Property theft, to malicious attacks disrupting production, and harming brands. In the severe cases, catastrophic plant failure could have fatal results.

Intertek’s services help clients launch products intended for use in industrial processes which harness the huge benefits of connectivity whilst mitigating the risks. Building on the many decades Intertek has spent working with global manufacturers to meet regulators’ requirements in markets around the world, with a focus on technical excellence and rapid service delivery, Intertek Connected World offers a range of services from basic penetration tests, through to full evaluation and certification to leading Industrial IoT standards such as IEC 62443. Our experience with cyber security on Industrial products from lighting to process control equipment helps our clients eliminate security flaws, meet regulatory requirements and demonstrate your products strong security credentials through product certification, giving your clients extra confidence in the product, and your business consequent market advantage.

Network / Plant level assurance: As well as product level certification, Intertek also offers network level OT testing, helping plant owners ensure the overall security of their facilities. 

Intertek offers the complete range of testing, certification and assurance services to launch a successful Industrial IoT product:

IEC 62443: The IEC 62443 series of standards were developed by security experts and are aimed at industrial automation controls. Globally recognized, the series lays out a framework for:
  • securing processes and procedures
  • outlining security requirements for components and systems, and
  • identifying secure software development practices.
Intertek can help you test and certify your product to this and other standards.

Cellular network access: to give the Industrial IoT products greatest flexibility, especially to allow operation over large sites, many manufacturers are using cellular technologies such as NB IoT.

Products containing radios (cellular or short range (ie Bluetooth), must undergo EMC testing. Products in Hazardous Locations require specific additional testing.

Performance & Interoperability
To achieve commercial success, on top of safety and security requirements, products must interact seamlessly, with a wide diversity of other connected devices in potential industrial environments. Intertek’s interoperability services ensure your product can thrive in the Industrial IoT ecosystem.

Other Services
Intertek offers a range of other services to meet the needs of market access for industrial equipment globally, from electrical safety.

Need help or have a question? +852 3008 2099

Need help or have a question?

+852 3008 2099
+852 3008 2099