Household Floor Finishing Machines - North American Market

How to make your household floor finishing machines successful in North American market?

UL 1017 New Edition 

The new edition of UL 1017 – Standard for Safety for Vacuum Cleaners, Blower Cleaners, and Household Floor Finishing Machines – incorporates new and revised requirements.

Supply Connections – Cord Reel 

  • A cord reel that complies with C22.2 No. 21 and UL 355 is considered to fulfill the performance requirements

Rechargeable Battery-Powered Appliances 

  • Revision of requirements to include the evaluation of UL 2595
  • Clauses 6 (Double insulation), 8 (Current-carrying hoses and accessory electrified wall valves), and 10 (Manufacturing and production tests) do not apply in their entirety

Appliances Generating Ultraviolet (UV) Radiation 

  • Polymeric enclosure and insulating materials, internal wiring, and other polymeric component parts shall be acceptably resistant to degradation when exposed to ultraviolet light
  • Protection against injury to persons
  • Protection from ozone emissions

Steam Cleaning Attachment 

  • Shall comply with the applicable requirements of C22.2 No. 72, and UL 1030 or UL 499 and provided with a protective device 

Floor Sweeper 

  • A switch is considered to locate or guard so that unintentional operation is unlikely if it is mounted in
  • Normal Load and Abnormal Operation shall be tested

UL 2595 2nd Edition - A Related Regulation 

UL 2595 – Standard for Safety for General Requirements for Battery-Powered Appliances – which is related to the product category and you must be considered for your household floor finishing machines.

Markings and Instructions  

  • A battery-operated appliance provided with a detachable battery pack or a separable battery pack shall be marked: “For use only with ____ battery (battery pack, etc.)”
  • A detachable battery pack, a separable battery pack, or a battery-operated appliance provided with an integral battery shall be marked “For use only with ____ charger”
  • Detachable or separable battery packs shall be marked with additional information


  • Instruction manual for all battery-operated appliances shall contain equivalent warnings

Creepage Distances, Clearances and Distances Through Insulation  

  • Minimum distances and clearances between parts of opposite polarity

California Proposition 65  

A mandatory chemical regulation you must comply for your household floor finishing machines. 

With one single batch of samples, Intertek Hong Kong can conduct both UL 1017 and UL 2595 testing; as well as chemical testing under one roof, improving your speed to market 
With one single point of contact,  you can enjoy hassle-free communication while being rest assured that your project is well managed. 


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Need help or have a question?

+852 3008 2099
+852 3008 2099